Friday, February 11, 2011

Kain berombak

source : QUDYN

source : QUDYN, model ROZITA CHE WAN
Beautiful things, don't u think so? Lately, I love this type of fabric, flared skirt, or I'd say, kain berombak, or kain bertingkat ala2 duyung. Few weeks ago, I asked one of our local designer named  Khairi Sufi, n he kindly replied my inquiries..I asked him regarding what kind or type of fabric is suitable for this type of fashion n then he answered that chiffon is the best, n if we know how to use georgette, the outcome will be fabulous. Apart from that, we can use jersey fabric too, the fall of jersey is beautiful n so is crepe silk. So my mission now is hunting for this type of fabric! ;D
More pictures :-

source : RIZMAN RUZAINI, model erra fazira
source : RIZMAN RUZAINI, model fazura. sweet mcm princess


  1. cantik la! sy pnh tgk jiran sy bertunang, pakai baju kain kembang mcm tu..waaa. sgt cantik! teringin nak ada satu nanti. walau memang mahal :)