Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PS I Love You

I took almost 2 weeks to  finish reading a famous novel, PS I Love You, written by my favorite author, Cecelia Ahern. It took me so long because I'm busy doing other things too.  I'm such an out-dated reader because I think most of people had finished reading this, like ages ago whereas I just started reading it in 2011.

It's a very emotional book, n I can feel what Holly feel when her beloved husband, Gerry passed away..It is supremely difficult to face the fact, to experience how she have to survive on her own, without her husband around. I mean, of course we will feel like dying if u n your partner are always be together, very compatible and very much in love, and there's no one can understand u like your partner do..I imagined my bf died when i read this..not that i hope he die. i just..imagine it.. Especially if your loved ones passed away without have a proper chance to say goodbye 

It is such a pain when Holly's heart aches for Gerry . He's not there, but she can sense his presence. she can feel that he's with her n she can feel him.When Gerry died, she had a completely different situation n live in such a state of shock n disbelief that she felt nothing at all. Even though she's going out with her friends, at the end of the day, she feels the emptiness n the sorrow. Even if Gerry's not physically being there for Holly, but he left 10 letters for her, to guide her through her life for the next 10 months.

PS: Now I will start reading another novel, The Devil Wears Prada|Everyone Worth Knowing (combined novel which I bought with a cheap price, RM 39.90!)


  1. i read everyone worth knowing and ps i love you....the story line is ok..but haven't read the devil wears prada though i've seen the movie. :-),

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