Sunday, January 30, 2011

“What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most” – Chris Medina

Chris Medina, 26, from Oak Forest, Illinois

he touched me with his sad story about his brain-damage fiancée, Juliana Ramos~
before the accident
when she was in coma
sit in the wheelchair
“What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most” – 
[Chris Medina, 2011]

Friday, January 28, 2011

Macaroon..not macaroni~

I remember the first time i heard n know about macaron or macaroon (can be spelled both ways) was when i watched the popular series,GOSSIP GIRLS. Eh actually, it's not my very first time..i heard about macaroon before but i never got really interested until i saw BLAIR WALDORF eating macaroons. she ate them like they're supremely delicious..she chewed them like she chew a chewing gum.walaweyhh!! n then, macaroons listed in my 'TO EAT' lists...

So,  my gff, fiza and me went to Whisk Expresso Bar, which is located on LG Floor in Empire Subang. It's a small coffee shop with nice n simple decorations. It is owned by Datin Fadilah Nina Zainal, which i read in some articles few days ago (...somewhere...)  Ok so we reached there but unfortunately, there were only 2 flavors left for macaroons, Oreo, n Orange..It was a disappointment for me because i want chocolate flavor but never mind, nak rasa je n feeling2 macam blair kan haha. .that was our 1st attempt to know how good they taste. so we ordered 2 oreo macaroons n 2 orange macaroons, together with Red Velvet Cake, one slice costs RM13 i think. It's more expensive than a slice of a cake in Secret Recipe but the size is bigger. the macaroons cost RM4/RM5 each..i dont really remember..

our macaroons
red velvet
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both of us are not sweet tooth person so memang terkebil2 time makan all these. they are so sweet but delicious. so to someone who enjoys sweet delicacies, macaroon is one of the best choices u can eat. 

oh yes, at d same day, we bumped into Ziana Zain. she was INCREDIBLY pretty. but i won't put our pictures here. because i look terrible haha

profitez de votre macaroon~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kuku Oh Nails

For the first time ever in my whole life, i painted my nails haha. i always keep my nails short and clean. rarely go for manicure pedicure..i just apply my nails with olive oils or baby oils so that they'll look shiny.. x pernah simpan kuku panjang ok before this..rase mcm banyak je setan bergayut kat nails if lambat potong..but after i watched a video in youtube from bubz, i felt like wanna try it..u know..just for fun n konon make a la saat ketibaan ''red flag'' sebab time tu je boleh buat nail arts..i bought few nail colours, nail glitters, nail remover, base coat,top coat n i applied it by im's not that impressive anyway, but i'm working on it. n i still think what i did is exactly the same like from the video.. i'm gonna stick with d simple one dulu.

oh yes, i also found these custom made 3d arcrylic nails from

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Gowns


nampak A-shape

looks great on: almost everyone except wanita2 yg waistline die lari banyak

looks buruk on: waistline langsung xde, jgn pakai


atas ketat,with corset, with a bell-shaped skirt. n it reminds me of a stunning red dress worn by BLAIR WALDORF in GOSSIP GIRL

looks great on
: brides yg tinggi (kalo x cukup inci mcm aku, will look funny n nampak more pendek i guess), n brides who have a heavier bottom-atas kecik, full figured, pear shaped, hour glass body..

looks buruk on
: brides yg me..if u still want it, i think it's better if u go for fitting n alter it so it can suits u perfectly or else, pakaila HIGH HEELS kan? ye x ye jugak :P


i think this one lebih kurang mcm ball gown CUMA it's shorter n it's a less formal style

looks great on
: brides who have a nice leg and ankles

looks buruk on
: fat thick me..again


bustle ni lebih kurang kelepet2, lebihan2 kain at the back of the dress, pastu macam keronyok2 like a picture above..


empire waistline starts just below the bust n then the rest of the dress drops straight kebawah..usually simple je..but for me, simple is cool n x makan zaman..

looks great on
: Short-waisted women, tall thin women, heavy-set women 

looks buruk on
: brides yg average or medium size.neither thin nor heavy..sbb blh nampak mcm preggy


melekap kat body sampai ke hips, then flares out kebawah

looks great on
: PERFECT 10 punye badan..tall n shape lawa 

looks buruk on
: petite, chubby, fat, short, senang ckp, if bukan cutting model, baik jgn pakai haha

credit to

my bilik, my sanctuary

i'm in a love-hate relationship with my bilik. 
i hate it coz it doesn't have an exact theme..mix abessss. i wish i have more money to buy my dream furnitures..
i hate it coz i think it's getting smaller day by day..shrinking, i'd say..
i hate it coz i cannot paint it with my dream colour. currently, it's blue in colour. yes i love blue, but i grow up dude! blue is not the 'in' thing for bedroom wall..i changed my mind few months ago
i hate it coz i have a single bed. previously i used double decker queen  bed but i asked my father to change it to single bed..konon to be cool...but after a year, i want queen size bed n attempts to persuade my parents..FAILED
i hate it coz two big wardrobes are not enough to put my clothes..n i secretly put some of my clothes in my youngest brother's wardrobe..eventhough i cannot fit of my jeans n clothes anymore ...but....whatever
i hate it coz it is a mess..i cant even see d takes a second to mess it up n then i will take a month to get all d stuffs back in places

i promise i will behave n more rajin to tidy up my room if i get a walk in closet hehe

at d same time, i love my bilik 'coz it's d only place where i can have my privacy n do whatever i like.
i love my bilik coz it's soooo cold n cosy n not exposed to sunlight. 12pm is like 8am for me :) obvious reason why i never wake up early. i just use a small fan, i don't have an air conditioner. i'm sure that if i have one, i wont get my butt out of my room 
i love it coz it's d only place i can hide n escape whenever i have arguments with my parents or brothers
i love it coz none of my relatives dare to be in my room. coz they are not allowed hahahaa..only my close cousins are allowed
i love it coz i can talk to......myself
i love it coz i have a very niceeeeeeeeeeeee comforter n my pillows+satin pillowcases...i feel like a princess with big tummy n ugly face...errrr just like fiona in shrek
just imagine me...

having my beautiful sleep like this..

wedding dress 2011

kalo yg kembang2 2 mmg x sesuwaiii la utk aku yg pndek lg tembun ni.zzzz

i miss my curly-long hair demit!

dr begini..



hmmmm :(

Wedding Invitation Cards

credit : click here
Hah ok mood gatai nak kawen suda mari..One of the important things utk kawen, is...KAD KAHWIN. Kad kahwin is very important because it is like an official invitation to our guests..kalo setakat invite through sms, or tag kat facebook, nanti org ckp ajak2 ayam pulak..x pun save budget..but honestly i dont mind pun if my friends ajak through sms, call or tag kat fb sebab im sure there must be few reasons why they cannot send the cards, kan? we never know masalah dorang :) 

kad2 kahwin will show u how many people we're inviting to our wedding. remind u, bukan je kawan2 kita di-invite but kebanyakannye kawan parents.hehe. informations dlm wedding cards pun kena la TEPAT,jgn salah eja, even nama n alamat guests pun jgnla salah eja..small mistakes pun org akan mengata kan? furthermore kad kahwin penting jugak as we provide the map to the venue of our wedding...n make sure MAP tu jelas n tepat, n dont forget to put ape sahaja LANDMARK contohnye SHELL ke, MYDIN ke, ok?

there are few ways u can make your cards nampak a bit more unique, creative n lawa..there are many ideas for the colours, designs, themes or details u can choose..cuma yg stereotype nye, normally shape utk kad kahwin empat segi..x penah pulak aku tgk bentuk trapezium..then if u choose light colours utk cards, pilihlah colour yg vibrant or bright colours utk the ribbons..kalo nak letak ribbons la..comel kot? 

trend skrg, pengantin taruk skali gambar dorang kat wedding cards..but for me, aku xnak amek gambar pakai baju pengantin BEFORE my wedding day..kalo nak letak pun, taruk je gambar lain..but i must choose a nice picture to put on the cards.. 

perlu ke kad kahwin tu chanteks?? for me yg perasan ala2 diva ni, jawapannye HARUSLAHHHH hahahahaha..but as time goes by, aku rase mcm membazir pulak wat kad mahal2, nnt masuk tong sampah let me share with u, few of beautiful wedding cards, n if u have other links, kindly share with me ok :)

kad dlm bentuk cd..unique kan? credit :
credit : click here

credit : google 


credit :

credit :

credit :

ok now aku tension..maka bertabahlah wahai baru sikit nak pilih. zzzz!

Monday, January 24, 2011

GC Sdn Bhd Plaza Sentral (Gorgeous Chain Sdn Bhd)

Mule2 dulu after raya, aku dpt offer jd legal exec kat legal firm..area damansara uptown..gaji standard fresh grad..i love my job..mmg law is my passion la kirenye environment x leh blah..dgn minah psiko suke jerit2 hari2 mencarut n complaint everything kat aku (sebab aku budak baru, so die bukak pekung company kat aku, soh aku blah dr firm 2..haha xleh blah) n mcm2 reason lg yg wat aku nak muntah keje situ..termasukla sikap bos yg racist..kalo da taw diri tu racist watpe la amek aku keje.bodo kot..ceh bodo2 pun die jd lawyer gak

sementara aku keje kat firm 2, aku usha gak keje lain, n nampak iklan ni

masyuk kan?da sah2 aku apply utk admin exec..konon2 sbb aku ade degree n pointer ok..walaupun x dean dgn yakinnye aku call n org 2 soh dtg keesokan aku pun dtgla..front office mmg cun..yela bangunan pun kat plaza sentral..what do u expect? mestila gempak kan..ingat murah ke nak sewa situ..time org tu call, aku tny name company ape, sbb kat iklan xde name company and org tu ckp dgn laju, mcm xnak aku tny lebih, die ckp GC sdn bhd..aku tny company pasal ape..die ckp psl aku pn ok la dtg la keesokan harinye

yg interview aku cun..aku lupe name die tp young chinese lady, petite je, comel gak la walaupun gigi berterabur (kalo kaya nape x pakai braces??) then aku tgk staff2 sume lawa2 n smart2..pakai blazer bagai. so aku pn dgn low self esteem yg teramat la tinggi, berkata dlm ati, confirm la x dpt

but a week after, dorang call, akp aku aku pun..hmm seriously x excited pun, biase2 je..aku pun resign la dr keje aku 2..da la tipu boss aku..hamek ko skrg aku lak dpt balasan kne tipu dgn GC sdn bhd ni..karma kan.kene tipu ape? cekidaut~

hari 1st aku masuk, dlm group aku ade 3 org iaitu K (bukan name sbenar) n S (bukan name sbenar)... so kitorang bertiga diketuai oleh salah sorang manager kat situ, miss rina. (manager katenye..tah ye tah tidak)

hari 1st lg aku da perasan something yg pelik dgn fakta2 yg miss rina ni bg..aku panggil rina jela..die bukan somebody pun utk aku hormat.hehe...ok rina ni ckp GC ni adelah servicing company yg berkaitan dgn financial n investment..kirenye kitorang kne jd financial consultant..then K pun cakapla..die ingat ni keje as ADMIN exec..then rina ckp..yes ADMIN but kene gak amek taw hal2 financial ni..kirenye keje ktorang ADMIN EXEC CUM FINANCIAL CONSULTANT..ok so aku x kisahla.sbb salunye mmg keje admin mmg ade ''cum''.. contohnye, admin cum account assistant, admin cum hr..blablabla..

ok 1st day kitorang blaja pasal ape itu investment, economy, forex, legal investment and so on..GC ni lebih kepada 2 kalo nak taw, maksud die FOREIGN EXCHANGE..kalo nak taw lg, silalah google. hari 1st aku pelik sbb, rina ni ckp die anak sulung, tp tibe2 die ckp, HAKAK die pun melabur sekali dlm FOREX ni..pastu konon2 HAKAK die sgt berjaya skrg aku diamkan je sbb maybe 2 akak angkat die ke akak tiri ke ape ke kan.. padahal esok lusa pulak, die ckp mak n makcik die pulak yg invest n konon2 berjaya gile skrg..mane satu ni rina oi??ko ingat kitorang bodoh mcm ko? sorry la..WE HAVE BRAINS la..

then kitorang blaja pasal graf..uptrend downtrend,sell close buy new,sell new buy close..ok ni interesting ckit la sbb aku x penah amek taw hal naik turun market n currency..

kononnye GC ni cuma tolong client register SAHAJA, then client punye duit akan di pass kan ke AUSON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED then sekali lg duit 2 akan ke HANG SENG BANK..kirenye GC n AUSON ni cuma middleman saje la..modal pun bukan calang2, at least modal kene ade RM 420,000... boleh share tp max 2 org saje.. then kitorang kene tarik client utk join forex ni..ko gile? dhla modal hampir half million..berani ke nak tarik org? rina ni dgn pembantu die, fiza, asyik2 suruh K n S ni ajak parents join forex ni..hampir hari2 dorang pujuk n suruh cite kat mak dgn aku, rina ni x berapa nak ajak pulak, maybe sbb aku ckp kat die bapak aku main saham n dulu bank manager..maybe die takut bapak aku syak kot..

lepas 2, time ''discussion'', dhla duduk dlm meja mcm darjah 1, duduk dlm group..darjah 1 skrg ni pun x duduk dlm group kot, duduk berdua haha..kawan aku si S ni lawak laser ckit, i like...siap cakap kat rina n fiza ni, ''hmmm rase mcm blaja kat tadika la'' hahahaa aku tgk muke fiza 2 berubah

kitorang gak xleh bergaul dgn org kitorang plg bising sbb aku, K n S lain sume senyap..sumpah x tipu..n lupe nak cakap, aku ade member name A (die group lain, n masuk seminggu awal dr aku). A ni ade tegur aku time lunch, kat kedai makan bawah 2, then kitorang borak2 ckit..lepas je A tegur aku..rupenye A kene marah dgn manager die..manager die ckp ''kenape tegur2? kat sini kene komited kerja, jgn amek taw hal org''

mcm hawau kan?? org lain pun keje gak tp xdela x bergaul. setooopid!!!

kitorang yg dlm group aku ni x dibenarkan be together without manager, si rina tu atau pembantu die si fiza tu..kalo rina ni g attend budak interview, fiza akan ''jaga'' kitorang..g toilet pun ikot..balik pun x dibenarkan balik same..kene balik asing2 n rina ni akan pantau sampai la aku masuk lif.. dorang xnak aku, K n S nasib baikla aku, K n S sempat bertukar phone number..2pun time tu rina mcm bengang je n suruh cpt blah. sebenarnye KITORANG X DIBENARKAN BERTUKAR NO FON. dah la sebelum balik selalu suruh masuk BILIK KACA, ingatkan nak discuss ape tp ckp biase2 je tny wat pe mlm td, pastu tny hal bf la...byk tny hal bf la haha..bkn nye discuss hal keje..rupenye ajak masuk bilik kaca supaya kitorang balik asing2

motif dorang wat sume camtu? sbb xnak kitorang berbincang n luahkan perasaan pelik sesama kitorang kat blakang2 nasib la kitorang ni lg bijak dr pmpuan2 lawa (lawa ke????) tp bodoh 2 (kompem bodoh piang)..

ari khamis, A call aku..time tu aku da balik rumah..n khamis tu ari ke-4 aku training..walaupun byk sgt benda yg pelik2 kt GC, tp aku x tercakap kt org lain,kire simpan sndiri la rase pelik tu..A call aku n cakap yg die da pergi ke SSM, Syarikat Suruhanjaya Malaysia, n check psl Gorgeous Chain ni..n she found out that GC ni x bg alamat yg betul, name director pun lain, then x pernah anta report ape2 kat SSM..walau ape jugak transaction yg berlaku, walaupun transcation berlaku luar negara, company sbenarnye PATUT bg report kat SSM. n kalo tuka alamat sekalipun kene la update..n mcm2 lg yg BERLAINAN sama sekali dlm rekod SSM 2..then bile di google pulak, terkeluarlah segala mcm blog yg bukak pekung GC ni..contohnye blog ni, sile klik MISI SI TUKANG TULIS ,  SINI dan KARPET HIDUP.  ok cop, mesti korang ckp aku ni bebal kan x check dulu sblum masuk GC ni? sbb...sebelum aku masuk, kire da dpt offer 2, aku search GLOBAL CHAIN..sbb 2 x jumpe ape2..ok fine, mmg aku bimbo hehe

after that, aku pun sms S n K (budak2 group aku) n inform dorang, esok nye jumaat terus masing2 x g keje! tp lepak KFC KL CENTRAL n ngumpat GC, RINA N FIZA haha..time tu byk la rupenye cerita..masing2 perasan tp x tercakap kan..yg lg satu, nampak sgt RINA n GC ni bersalah sebab, DORANG X CALL PUN tanye kenapa kitorang x datang keje that day..serentak pulak tu tiga2 x datang... kalo ko jd majikan, mesti ko pelik kan nape tibe2 pekerja ko satu group x dtg? mesti ko call kan? mesti ko cari kan? tp dorang x call langsung! mesti dorang da taw yg aku, K n S dah taw hal sebenar..hahaha GOTCHA STUPID BITCHES!!!

dorang yg keje dlm ni contoh rina,fiza, si cina kenit tu..suke gebang ckp blh dapat puluh riban dlm mase sebulan.. nyampah siot!!! aku mmg mata duitan, aku x nafikan tp bile every second dorang ckp psl PROFIT, aku naik nyampah n aku musykil..kalo dorang dpt income byk gitu, KENAPA PAKAI HP CABUK? si fiza tu pakai hp screen xde colour..wey bodoh piang, anak buah aku yg baru darjah 2 pun hp ade colour k..siap blh mms..paling2 cikai pun ko beli la yg ade colour...lepas tu, dorang sume dtg nak LRT/KTM...kalo aku la..kalo duit da puluh riban stiap bulan, aku selambe je park kt bawah tu..brape la sgt rm300+ sebulan parking kalo nk compare dgn INCOME yg berpuluh riban tu kan?? dahla manager lelaki name IVAN tu pakai BLAZER LENGAN SENTENG...aku rase mcm nak suruh je die pegi kedai blazer suruh alter or buat sendiri!!

lg satu, bile aku tny kat rina, sape sebenarnye boss, mule2 cakap NICOLE, pastu esoknye aku tny lg die cakap IVAN..lepas tu aku tny, aik smlm ckp NICOLE? then rina gelabah ckp..hmmm sbenarnye dua2 pn boleh.. WTF??? company sepatutnye patot taw la sape BIG BOSS sape bawah sikit or so on..kne taw la hierarchy dlm company kan? kalo betol pun dua2 big boss, kena la jwb dgn yakin, ni gelabah..otak letak dalam spender camtu la jadinye!

info lain, ni aku x sure la, aku bace experience org lain, duit yg konon2 client bg utk investment tu, rupenye TOP MANAGEMENT yg dpt..duit tu x kan transfer or masuk ke HANG SENG BANK da ade ramai mangsa yg terpaksa tanggung beban hutang, malu n terpaksa b'hadapan dgn client (kot2 la client nak summon ke ape ke) disebabkan tertipu dgn GC ni...kalo xnak jd mangsa n menjerut leher sendiri, jgnla masuk GC ni..mmg GC abes... Geng Cilok!

oh ye! point yg seterusnye, stiap kali name yg keluar kat iklan, xkan letak name SEBENAR, contohnye dorang letak DAYANG la AMIRA la padahal xde pun name camtu..alasan rina tu ckp kt aku, S n K, kononnye bile ade org call n ckp ''hello may i speak to MISS DAYANG?'' so ''manager2'' ni taw la org tu call utk interview...kaedahnye kannnn~

HAH PUAS ATI berhati2 la cari kerja..kalo boleh google dulu n jgn tertipu dgn gaji yg besar...kalo nak google tu JANGAN SILAP EJA, like i did hehe

to RINA, FIZA, AMOI KENIT n all other penipu Gorgeous Chain, i hope u'll suffer from cerebral hemorrhage!!

semoga Allah merahmati keluarga2 staff kat GC (yg kebanyakannye bertudung)..semoga stupid bitches dlm GC tu sedar dorang makan duit haram..n bg mak bapak dorang duit haram...kesian dpt anak camtu..dibesarkan dgn duit halal tp dibalas dgn duit haram...sedarlah duit tu kalo dibeli makanan, kelak jd darah daging yg mengalir dlm badan, kalo beli rumah, takot ko terbakar pulak dlm rumah haram tu..sekian Wassalam~


AF is not my favourite tv shows and will never be, especially when i experienced one good lesson.. one my my friends ade join AF before ni..mule2 aku support la but i NEVER vote for him due of credit :P 

but he has changed since he became famous...x sia2 la aku x vote utk ko n ko x jd juara pun eventhough ko masuk final hehe jahat x...bukan die je few of our group members, pun tibe2 bongkak n x geng da dgn org2 biase mcm aku ni..mmg cam hawau kan..nevermind, i don't need friends like them, anyway :)

ok2 my intention is not about my past experience dgn budak AF, but i want to put a nice video, which had been sent for AF9 Audition

ladies n gentleman...i present..

hopefully he can get the chance to join AF9 n improve his talent..da masuk af jgn lupe kakngah ko ni. jgn menggatal, jage syafiqah elok2.tett~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kristine Hermosa - wedding

Just wanna share with all of you, kristine hermosa finally tied the knot with oyo boy sotto (siapekah??aku pun x penah tgk die berlakon) on last Wednesday, 12.01.2011

Kristine, popularly known as ARA dalam cerita Sanay Wala Nang Wakas and as YNA dalam cerita Pangako Sayo. minat gile kot kat minah cun ni, siap beli dvd lagi heee.  Both of them met on the set in 2004, but officially declared as a lover in 2009, masa b'day si kristine :)

Enjoy the pictures~

macam my dream wedding!! huhu

look at how beautiful the couple are :)
credit to jmthebest

what a lovely wedding kan.. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

AKU LUPE!!!! nazmi raja lawak season 5

aku ni bukanla big fan rancangan Raja Lawak kat Astro tu..salu aku tgk pun if aku dgr abg n abah aku terbahak2 gelak kt depan tv..haaa time tu la aku terhegeh2 kua bilik join dorang..sebab kalo dorang gelak gile2 tu, mmg klaka la jawabnye..mlm td (7jan bersamaan bday abah den.heee) Raja Lawak season 5 baru far, byk gak la contestant yg klaka2 utk episode 1 yg plg aku suke n gelak mcm da xde esok. muke die mcm david teo sikit...jeng jeng jengggggg NAZMI!!! hehe name mcm adik aku tp lg klaka dr adik aku..full name; NAZMI MD ISA, 23 thn..sebaya aku tp nmpk lg tua kot dr aku. tp part plg lawak sebenarnye bile johan n zizan join skali wat lawak LUPE 2.bguling2 aku gelak.

 so whether nazmi akan terus klaka utk episode2 akan dtg..same2 la kite tgk